Customize Shopify Pages Using Shogun Landing Page Builder App: Review and Tutorial

Customize Shopify Pages Using Shogun Landing Page Builder App: Review and Tutorial

  • Once you have installed the app and integrated it with your Shopify store, you'll be directed to the dashboard. To create a custom page, click on the purple button that says Create Page and a new window should pop up. Here you can choose from 4 types of pages:


  • Standard

  • Blog


  • Product or


  • Collection page


You can choose to start from the blank page or choose from the templates library on this page. You can filter templates by the type of page you want to build; there are quite a lot of them. 

  • Click on the Choose template, and here you should fill in the details of your new page. You can also choose if you want to include your theme's header and footer on this page. 


  • Click on Create Page, and you should be on the drag and drop builder! If you want to edit an element, just click on it and on the right, you can find the settings.

There are so many sections to choose add-ons from, and also, if you have coding experience, you can create your custom blocks. But you can choose from: 

  • Sections

  • Columns

  • Slider

  • Table

  • Tabs

  • Accordion

  • Image 

  • Video

  • Heading

  • Text

  • Button

  • Icon

  • Countdown

  • Separator

  • Map

  • Html

  • Product Box

  • Collection

  • Product Title, image, image gallery, price, variant, quantity, add to cart or product reviews

  • You can add all kinds of different forms

  • Social buttons and Structural blocks

Now your homepage is done, and you can publish it. Before you upload any image, try to optimize it. There are plenty of free tools to help you with this, and your store speed will improve a lot.

Click on the Save button on the right corner, and after that, publish. To set this page as your homepage, you need to go back to the dashboard, and from here, click on the three little dots. From the dropdown menu, simply click on Set as Homepage. Confirm, and you're done. 

Next, reload your store to see the changes you have made. 

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