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Should you switch to SHOPIFY EMAIL app? Honest Review and Quick Tutorial

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Email marketing is a great way to improve sales and conversions for your Shopify store. This is why Shopify merchants must include email marketing in their strategies. To create these campaigns, it is important that you find the best email marketing app. 

The Shopify Email by Shopify app offers Shopify merchants access to ready-made email templates design that automatically integrates your store’s logo, product images and descriptions as well as their prices. You can also create and track all your campaigns directly from your Shopify dashboard. 

In this app review, you’ll find all the information you need to know about the Shopify Email by Shopify app and a mini tutorial on how to use it

Features & Quirks
  • Send Branded Emails To Subscribers
  • Save Time With Ready-Made Templates
  • Easily Customize Email
  • Import Customer Lists Into Shopify
  • Segment Emails
  • Track Results
  • Send Emails From Domain
  • Doesn’t Work With iCloud
Free to install

    1The first 2,500 emails per month are free. Then, it is $1 USD for every 1,000 emails you send.

Full Tutorial & Review
  • To use Shopify Email, first start by installing the app, after which you would be directed to the dashboard. On the dashboard, you’ll find only one option: Create an Email. 


  • Once you click on this, a popup appears, and you are expected to add a marketing activity:

    • Shopify Email


    • Facebook audience building ad


    • Facebook dynamic retargeting ad


    • Facebook page post


    • Microsoft shopping campaign


    • Promote selected products


    • Snapchat brand awareness ad


    • Snapchat dynamic shopping ad


  • Choosing Shopify Email, a new window appears, and now we need to choose a starting point. We can choose from Branded templates and previous emails. Considering that you just installed the app, there are no previous emails so let’s take a look at branded templates. There are 6 of them: featured product, sale announcement, end of sale, etc. Choose sale announcement.


  • On the content page, there are not so many options here, and by pressing this button up here on the right, you can adapt the email for mobile or desktop. We will choose a desktop and see later how it actually looks like.


  • On this window, you can easily customize your email by editing text, buttons, images and more to make it your own. Also, below there is an option to learn more about email marketing which takes you to Shopify’s help centre. 


  • Below that, you’ll find Email styles where you can change the overall look of your email. Let’s try that. Here we can change the colors of the content background and the color of the template background. Also, changes are applied to all sections, not just at the chosen one, and there is an undo button up here on the right if you decide to cancel your changes. Next to it, there is a feedback button. 

When you’re done with creating your email, you can send a test to check on it. You can find the button in the top right corner.

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When considering Email Marketing, it is important to see how these emails look on mobile. This is because a large percentage of people are constantly checking their emails on their phones. 

From our Shopify Email test, the email looks great. We also conducted a speed test to see how the app affects our store speed using our free speed test tool TestMyStoreSpeed. Our speed test tool allows you to analyze which apps are slowing down your Shopify store. 

Click on history to compare the results before the app was added and after. What we see here is that we don’t have additional requests, page size didn’t change significantly, so overall, this app won’t affect your store speed! 

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