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Shopify Image SEO: Bulk Image Edit App Review and Tutorial

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Product Images are significant for every eCommerce store. These product images create an impression on your customers, seducing them into buying your products. It's not enough to just have these images; it is also important that your customers can find these product images when they search for them, which is why your images need to be SEO optimized.

Now, you can choose to do all of this manually, but you can also opt for a much easier and time-saving option, and that's by using the Bulk Image Edit ‑ Image SEO app for Shopify.

The Bulk Image Edit ‑ Image SEO app for Shopify by Hexcom helps improve your product images SEO by optimizing their sizes, alt-text and file names. This app promises your store a faster image loading speed, more traffic and sales, which also brings about better rankings.

Using this app, you can also resize your product images to match different social media channels and watermark them to prevent them from being used by your competitors.

All of these exciting features must have left you pretty excited. There's more to come, and all you have to do is keep reading our app review of the Bulk Image Edit ‑ Image SEO app for Shopify.

Features & Quirks
  • Bulk Update Image Alt Text & File Name With Customizable Templates
  • Text Or Image-Based Watermarks
  • Set & Forget, Automatically Update All Newly Added Images With The Defined Alt Text & File Name Templates
  • Minimize Product Or Theme Asset Image File Sizes Without Image Quality Loss
  • Resize All Product Images To Fit Social Media
Starter Plan
  • 50 Image Edits Per Month
  • 1 Active Scheduled Tasks
  • Alt Text (Unlimited)
  • Minimize
  • PNG To JPG
  • Resize To Square
  • Revert Edited Images
  • 30 Day Backup

Basic Plan
  • Starter Plan Features Plus...
  • 1000 Image Edits Per Month
  • 5 Scheduled Tasks
  • Image Rename (Unlimited)
  • Resize
  • Crop
  • Image Frame
  • Watermark
  • 60 Day Backup
Professional Plan
  • Basic Plan Features Plus...
  • 3000 Monthly Edits
  • Unlimited Scheduled Tasks
  • 90 Day Backup

Advanced Plan
  • Professional Plan Features Plus...
  • 10000 Monthly Edits
  • 180 Day Backup

Full Tutorial & Review
STEP 1: 
  • The first step to using this app is to install it. You can find the app in the Shopify app store. After you install the app, you will be taken to the app home page. You can browse through the FAQ right on the page; this is actually a great feature if you are not sure how to use the app and need help. To get more help, you can contact support via email, as there is no live chat option.

  • The next block is dedicated to ACCOUNT STATUS, which you can check later when you have some data. To fix your ALT text, you can do that by clicking on an ALT text field or in the left menu navigation. Either way, you will be taken to the next page, where you'll see another FAQ, but this time about ALT text. 
In case you didn't already know, alt texts are associated with an image and accurately describes the image when implemented properly. Whether or not you perform SEO for your business, optimizing your website's image alt text is your ticket to creating a better user experience for your visitors, no matter how they first found you.
On this page, you can choose from optimizing Product images, Collection images or Blog images. Start with Product images by clicking on the button, and 4 new steps should appear. 
  • Images must match all following conditions to be edited:
You can filter it by collection, product title, time of creation or last update, or you can just choose all products. Filter it by product title, and if you want to filter it further, you can add as many filters as you want. Next, you can preview the products by clicking on the blue button. 
There are plenty of options for filtering the images, even by background color. 
  • The next step is to choose how you want to edit the alt text, there are 4 default options, and you can customize your own template. You can choose from Product title, Product type. 
One more awesome feature, you can actually schedule daily bulk editing images, which will save you a lot of time. Bulk Editing Task Queued, and then you should redirected to the View one-time TASKS page. Once done, you can see more by clicking on details. The app should add alt text as you want. 
Going back to the homepage and Alt text again to input your Collection Cover alt text. Steps are same as it was for product images. Choose all collections and preview. You can edit the images, choose your template, then schedule it and see how it goes. Once the notification Daily Bulk Editing Task Created pops up, you should be redirected to the View scheduled tasks page. If you are not on the paid plan, you can schedule only one task, which is fair, in my opinion. 
For Alt text, the next thing to do is blog images.
Now that you have ALT text ready, we can proceed to File rename. So go back to the home page, or choose Filename in the sidebar and start. Now you are wondering why you should rename your files; it is simple, creating quality file names helps improve your rankings in Google Image Search. So you should do that, but note that the File name feature is not available on the free plan. 
Moving on to reducing image sizes. 
  • Click on Minimize button. You can only resize Product images on a free plan, but you can also reduce size on theme assets, collection cover, and blog article images if you are willing to pay. 
Click on product images here, and the same steps as with alt text should appear. Choose collection and Our picks, then preview matching products. You can also narrow down your variants. 
You can choose from two editing options "minimize file size without losing visible image quality", which is recommended and "Minimize file size by losing some image quality". With the first option, you can get 10-30% improvement without losing visible image quality, and with the second option, File sizes will be around 20% to 50% smaller by losing some image quality. Once Bulk Editing Task Queued, you should be redirected to the one time tasks page. 
Click on details; the left is original, and on the right is optimized. And you should be able to see before and after file size. 
It is time to move to the next function of this app, and it is png to jpg. PNG To JPG on Collection Cover Images and Blog Article Images is not available on the Free plan – OK. To test product images, follow the same steps again. Click on preview, no further filtering and the only option is to change image format from png to jpg. Check "Convert PNG image into JPG even if the image contains transparent color." And hit the blue button, which should direct you to* View one time tasks page again, waiting for a format change. 
Now that you have converted png images to jpg, it's time to try the square option. Having square images will help your website look more professional, and these type of images go well with social media. Square on Theme Asset Images, Collection Cover Images and Blog Article Images is not available on the Free plan. Preview matched products, there are two options for editing images "make images into square shapes by extension" or cropping. `
Next, we have advanced options. First in line is Rotate. This one is available only on the paid plan and crop, frame, resize, trim, add watermark, remove the watermark, add image and link to variant.
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We actually asked Hextom how the new update from Shopify automatically transmitted Shopify CDN to WebP is impacting their app, and we got the response that all the features are working as intended. Web-only affects the compression feature. However, since the Safari browser doesn't support Web, it is still useful to compress for those browsers. 

The Bulk Image Edit ‑ Image SEO Shopify does its job well, and you will get results fast. Extra options like crop, rotate, add watermarks are great to have on hand. Also, you will love the scheduled tasks option if you are adding products daily. 

However, plan limits are a major worry with this app. First, if you want to optimize your website fully, there is no way you can do it unless you pay for the enterprise plan. And even then, you won't be able to optimize your website fully. This app is intended for bulk editing, but you need to spend a lot of time going through each step and checking if every image is looking good and fits your theme. In my opinion, it is a lot better to spend money on professional help since this way you may end up with ugly looking website. 

This is just our thought, though; you can go on to try it for yourself.


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