Shopify Facebook Messenger Marketing: ShopMessage App Review and Tutorial

Shopify Facebook Messenger Marketing: ShopMessage App Review and Tutorial

  • Once the ShopMessage Facebook Messenger Marketing Shopify App is installed, you should be on the start guide.

  • On the first page, you'll be asked to connect your Facebook Profile to ShopMessage. Just click on the Connect To Facebook button, and a new popup window will appear. Give necessary permission, and you'll be back to the start guide. Choose your business page and again click on the blue button below. 

  • The next step is reserved for rules for automatically collecting opt-ins. On this page, you can choose to reward your customers with discounts that will be sent to customers Facebook messenger. You can choose between 10, 20 or 30% off; simply choose from the drop-down menu. Also, you don't have to offer any discounts at all, just choose No discount from the same menu and click on Continue! You can always skip this start guide by clicking on the skip for now button at the bottom of the page.

  • On the next tab, you can set rules for automatically sending messages to Facebook messenger. You'll find the types of messages on the left, and on the right, there's a live preview. Other options for types of messages will be available once you reach the dashboard, but here you have Cart Abandonment, Browse Abandonment, Order confirmation and shipping notifications. These four messages are the most commonly used, so keep them turned on.

  • Other than turning on and off message, you can also preview and edit it right from the start guide. For the message, click on the preview, and a message will be automatically sent to your Facebook messenger, but you can see the message in the live preview on the right too. If you click on edit, you will be automatically redirected to the dashboard. 

  • Click on continue, and you'll be on the payment tab, choose a plan, and you should finally be on the dashboard!

The Dashboard looks clean and easy to navigate; first, you'll see the progress tab, basically the things you went through already. If you scroll down, you can see campaign analytics, again very easy to navigate. 


On the left, there's a navigation menu with:

  • Dashboard

  •  Flows

  •  Growth Plugins

  •  Campaigns

  •  Messenger Menu

  •  Live View

  •  Discounts

  •  Settings

  •  Support

Also, if you are stuck, you can always contact support via live chat. 

It's time to go to the website and see what you have done. It's time to see what else can be done with it and how much of the customization is available. 


Go back to the dashboard and click on flows from the menu to the left. Again similar design as with the dashboard, first analytics, and right below it, you can see insights for every message type. 

Click on the first message, and on the new tab, you can preview the message; just click on the preview button here. Click on the edit button, and a new tab appears. From here, you can change the flow of your message and add additional messages, and for us, the most important thing customization. So click on "…" and then edit. 


On the message editor right now and to the left, there's a list of elements; you can add text, link, image, carousel, receipt, cart, video or attachment. On the right, there is a preview and if you want to edit any element from the preview, just click on it. The Facebook Messenger Marketing app for Shopify is easy to use but also a very powerful editor. Click on save and go back to the previous page. 

You can also set or edit message triggers by clicking on the rules button here from this page.  


Let's see what else this amazing app offers; go ahead and click on growth plugins from the menu to the left. Growth plugins are messages that will help you grow your existing messenger list. 

  • Go to the Messenger menu. Messenger menu is basically what the name says, additional buttons in the message sent to clients. Simply turn on this button here and add as many items as you want. Shop now, get help and manage notifications are recommended, so add them as well. If you want to add more items, just click on the Add menu item. Again click on Save, and you are all set. 

  • Also, this app allows you to track your site activity in the live view tab, and if you click on discounts, you can create or edit existing discounts.

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