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Upsell on Shopify: Simile |Similar Upsell Shopify App Review and Tutorial

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Before you start reading this app, review on the Simile | Similar Upsell Shopify app by Simile, you must first understand what Upselling is. Upselling is simply a sales tacit to encourage customers to add a more expensive or upgraded version of a product or other products. Shopify store owners can now make larger sales by upselling products to customers, increasing their order value and maximizing profits.

The Simile | Similar Upsell Shopify app makes upselling a lot easier by showing customers product recommendations similar to what they are viewing. This way, there is an increase in product discovery, creating an increase in average order values and more revenue. 

The Simile | Similar Upsell Shopify app with its deep learning AI is easy to install, delivering similar product recommendations once set up. You can find all you need to know about the Simile | Similar Upsell Shopify app in our detailed app review containing its best features, ratings, pricing and a quick how-to tutorial.


Best Features

  • Easy Setup Without Coding
  • Deep learning AI
  • Increased conversions and sales
  • Analytics dashboard


The Simile | Similar Upsell Shopify app has 41 reviews and a 4.9-star rating. Most of the app reviews are very positive, noting the efficiency of the app.



  • Automated AI Powered Recommendations
  • Advanced Machine Learning Model
  • Showcase Similar Products as a Slider
  • Background product Sync


LITE $2.99/month
  • Remove "powered by Simile" branding


PREMIUM $9.99/month
  • Remove "powered by Simile" branding
  • Customizable Sync Settings
  • Customizable widget display
  • Customizable recommendation



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Simile | Similar Upsell Shopify App Tutorial

  • Once the app is installed and integrated with your Shopify shop, you should be on the page. The Simile | Similar Upsell Shopify app syncs the products in the background, so there's no need for you to do anything. Keep in mind that the first sync takes about 15 minutes per 1000 products. 

  • Once your products are all synced, your simile widget should be live on your product pages. 

Returning back to your store, you'll find the products, 4 items per slide. Click on the first product to see how it looks on the other products. First, check done, then try to customize it a little. Go back to the dashboard, and in the top navigation menu, click on Settings. A new window should appear for additional customization. First, you'll find the widget title, which you have to edit. Next in the line is the number of recommended products; you can set between 1 and 20 items. 

The Simile app allows you to add a "Add to cart button" right in the widget, which decreases the risk of distracting customers from their initial purchase. So turn on add to cart button by clicking on the checkbox, and for the Add to cart button text, be creative with it. Save this configuration and proceed to the next step. 


If you are a paid member, you can remove "powered by Simile" branding, choose from two different layouts, change colors and fonts. 


Also, Simie has got your back in case you want to show your widget in some other place other than under the product description. Just copy the code and paste it in your theme code. 

In case you need help, you can reach customer support via live chat in the right bottom corner.



The Simile | Similar Upsell Shopify app is good and may be the best replacement for Personalized Recommendation by Beeketing. And if you are looking for an alternative, this app will do the trick even on the free plan. One minor setback is that this app doesn't allow much customization, but this can be easily overlooked with automated product sync and hassle-free setup without coding.