Smart Push Marketing Shopify App Review and Quick Tutorial

Smart Push Marketing Shopify App Review and Quick Tutorial

  • Start by installing the Smart Push Marketing Shopify app after integration, you should be on the dashboard. The dashboard is simple, usual hextom design first you’ll see app recommendations, right under it basic analytics, and after that, have app functions. 


On the left, you can find a navigation menu with the functions from the dashboard:

  • Dashboard
  • Subscribe Widget
  • Welcome Discount
  • Abandoned Browser Recovery
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Shipping Notification
  • Back in Stock Alert
  • Price Drop Alert
  • Customer WinBack
  • Campaign
  • Subscribers and Segment

  • Let’s start with the Subscribe widget click on the subscribe widget from the navigation to the left and a new window should appear. The first section is reserved for requests for visitors to subscribe to your push notification, enable this as without it you wouldn’t be able to send your push notifications. 

  • OK, the first step is done now you need to set up your prompt widget. In your prompt widget, you should urge your visitors to become subscribers. The preset message is “Receive our latest discount codes, sales, and updates” not bad, but you should definitely change it to something that will fit your brand. You can set time rules, add your store’s logo, play with colors and if you are a paid member, you can remove hextom branding. Click on save and you can proceed to the next step which is a welcome discount.

  • A new window with a welcome notification should appear. Again well-known design, editor on the left and preview on the right. You can change the preview for different devices, windows, mac, and mobile. In the editor, you can change the title, description, and primary link. Also if you want to push your visitors even further you can include a discount code, additional buttons and add your company logo. 

  • The next step is Abandoned Browser Recovery. In case you don’t know what abandoned browser recovery is, well it is basically notification to subscribers who left your store after viewing products, but without purchasing or cart abandonment. 

OK, now that you know what Abandoned Browser Recovery is it’s time to see what you can do in this window. The same template as in the previous step, and you’ll probably see it again through the app. First, you should get the note “All the links of abandoned browser push notifications are dynamically generated based on each subscriber's last view product.”, nice start. This app allows you to set time rules, change title and description. Again you can offer a discount and add custom buttons right in the notification. Click on save and it is time for what may be the most exciting part of this app.


Yes, you guessed it right it’s time for Abandoned Cart Recovery Automation. Choose Abandoned Cart Recovery from the navigation to the left and a new window should appear. Smart Push Marketing app allows you to send up to 3 notifications after the cart is abandoned. Amazing right? You can choose the time when the notification is sent and other fields are the same as you had on the previous steps. Click on save and your Abandoned Cart recovery notifications are ready!

  • Next in line is Order Shipping Notification. There are 3 types of notifications:

  • Notification After Order Paid

  • Notification after order fulfilled and

  • Tracking info notification

Nothing new in terms of customization, except you can’t offer a discount with these types of notifications. Also, all links and images in the notifications are automatically generated based on the customer's previous behavior which is a very nice feature! 


Click on the back in stock alert from the left menu. Back in stock alert is a notification to subscribers when their desired product is back in stock, You can also include a discount code to encourage them to buy now. On this window, you can change the title and description and also add up to 2 buttons. 


Here are some other things you can do with this app: 

  • Add Price Drop Alert - notifications to subscribers when the product price is dropped. 

  • Customer WinBack Automation - Send up to 2 push notifications to subscribers who have purchased before, and bring them back to buy more.

  • Send Promotion Push to Any Selected Subscribers Groups - Create a one-time campaign for promotions or sales, and push your awesome deals to any subscriber segment group

Return to your store to see what you have done.

After you have installed, customized and tested the Smart Push Marketing Shopify app its time to figure out how you uninstall this app from your store. Go back to your Shopify dashboard. On the left, there’s a sidebar menu. First click on Apps and a new window pops up. Here you have all the apps installed in our store. 


Find the Smart Push Marketing app and uninstall, if you don’t find it here, then follow these steps. 

Go to your dashboard, the left sidebar again. Under the Sales channel, click online stores, a sub-menu will appear select “Themes” . On the new window you should be able to view your current theme. On top of our theme template, there are two buttons - Actions and Customize.   Click on action and a drop-down menu appears, select “edit code” then you’ll be taken to a new window where you can find the coding for our app.  
This navigation menu on your left will guide you to track the code.  Click on ‘Layout’ and the menu expands, then click theme.liquid. The code should open ony our window. The code should have the name  Hexom after  the developers of the app. The app code should be at the bottom of this theme coding. 

Scroll down, highlight it and press delete. Once it’s gone click the save button at the top right corner. And there you go!  “Asset saved.” The app should be gone by now, u you can confirm by reloading the app.

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