Customize Your Shopify Notification Emails: Spently Email Marketing Shopify App Review and Tutorial

Customize Your Shopify Notification Emails: Spently Email Marketing Shopify App Review and Tutorial

  • Once you have installed the Spently Email Marketing Shopify App, you should be on the account creation window. Fill in the usual stuff, your username, email, and password. Once these details are filled in, you should be on the app dashboard; in case you don’t have time to set up the app by yourself, you can always request help from the Merchant Success Manager. 

  • The first step is to upload your logo, and here on this window, you can change your brand colors. The app will automatically detect the colors from your website, but you can always change them within the builder. 


The Spently Email Marketing Shopify App allows you to add your social links, 10 in total, and on the next window, the app will recommend a theme for your emails, but you can also explore others. 

  • Let’s see what you can find if you click on Explore Others. You can choose between 6 different themes; all 6 looks very good, which might be a tough choice.

  • The template builder is split into 4 parts. On the left, you can choose which email you want to customize, order, shipping, and customer emails, and we will start with the Order confirmation. This is pretty easy to use drag and drop builder, and you can create a real art piece out of your email templates. So many merchants are missing the opportunity to customize their Shopify notification email, and those emails have a great open rate. Everyone opens their order confirmation emails. 

Spently Email Marketing Shopify App allows you to add a navigation bar, custom links, discounts, custom HTML, pdf invoice, tracking link and much more. It is a really easy to use editor, and you can turn your store emails into real marketing opportunities. 


Back to the app, export these templates to Shopify, click on the button, give a name to your email template, and you should be on the new tab.


For each email template, there are 4 similar steps. To use the Order Confirmation template. The first step is to copy the email template to your clipboard and then go to the Shopify email notification settings. Here you should delete the existing code and just paste the new one. Check out how it looks and if you are impressed, just repeat the process for all the emails and start selling more. 

On the app dashboard, it looks nice and clean, and there is a navigation on the left with the list of items:

  • The dashboard - the page we are currently on
  • Store Emails - You can customize all your templates here
  • Follow Up Emails - These event-based emails help you Recapture sales by reminding customers what they’ve left behind and encourage them to complete their purchase
  • Newsletters - Don’t get too excited; Spently actually doesn’t offer newsletters; this is an ad for Omnisend, very clever
  • Reports
  • Settings
  • Usage & Plans

Everything is well organized, and analytics are detailed.

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