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Using the Product Reviews UGC app, Shopify store owners can show customer reviews on their stores. These customer reviews are an excellent boost for a brand as it increases customer trust, urging them to buy from your store based on reviews left by other customers. 

The Product Reviews UGC app for Shopify is a great way to boost your store's sales using reviews. To do this, the app collects products, videos, site reviews, photo reviews, and check out reviews, all of which are bound to increase social proof and conversions. 

These reviews increase your site's traffic by pushing them to Google and social media. 

As a Shopify business owner looking for an app to generate reviews to be seen on the front page or at key decision-making times, then this app review is right for you. EcomExperts has created a detailed app review of the Product Reviews UGC app for Shopify considering its pricing, ratings, and a quick tutorial on how to use this app.

Features & Quirks
  • 1-Click Setup
  • Truly Mobile-optimized Responsive & Works With Any Theme
  • 10+ On-site Display Widgets
  • 100% Customizable To Fit Your Brand
  • Moderation
  • Commenting
  • Add Customer Attributes
  • Free-text Search
  • Topics Filter
  • Smart Reminders
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Product Groups
  • Social Reviews Sharing
  • SMS Review Requests
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Google Shopping Reviews
  • Smart Reviews Banners Creation Tool
  • Watermark Customer Photos
  • Retargeting Ads
  • Coupons
  • Better SEO Ranking
  • 50 Orders/Month
  • Reviews & Rating Widgets
  • Social Sharing
  • Rich Snippets
  • Commenting
  • Smart Reminders
  • 10+ Display Widgets

  • 7 Days Free-Trial
  • 200 Orders/Month
  • Free $19 SMS Credits
  • Photo Reviews
  • Checkout Reviews
  • Customer Attributes (Fit, Age, Waist)
  • Inline-SEO
  • More!
  • 7 Days Free-Trial
  • 500 Orders/Month
  • Free $39 SMS Credits
  • Smart Product Upsell
  • Facebook Reviews
  • Apps + Messenger Integration
  • Smart Banners
  • More!
  • 7 Days Free-Trial
  • 1,500 Orders/Month
  • Free $99 SMS Credits
  • Video Reviews
  • Q&A
  • A.I. Sentiment Analysis
  • Google Shopping Reviews
Full Tutorial & Review
  • Once you have installed the Product Reviews UGC app and integrated it with your Shopify store, you would be redirected to a start guide. On the first page, you have to select the type of your shop. Click NEXT, and you'll be on the customization tab. From here, you can customize the brand, question and email starting with the brand/product name, choose a logo and select your colors.
  • Once this is done, on the Question Customization tab, you can change the questions sent to your customers after their purchase using the Basic text editor. Heading on to the Email customization tab. You need to fill out the sender's name, email for replies, and the subject of your message on this tab. You can definitely customize these questions according to your preference to make them even more meaningful and catchy for the customers. Once this is done, you can then send a Test Message to see how it looks like, then click on next to continue. 
  • On the plan picker tab, you can choose from any of the pricing options. After which, click on the red button. The final step is to Review Request Emails, and allows you to import reviews from the past 120 days. This helps solidify the reviews and makes it much more reliable when people are seeking to find feedback about a product that they think may not stand well upon usage. Click on Complete, and you'll be directed to the dashboard.

The dashboard looks nice, divided into 3 parts. On the right, you would find app activity, the center part is for recommendations, and on the left, you have a menu that includes:

  • Home
  • Customers
  • Queue
  • Analytics
  • Gallery
  • Marketing

There is a live chat button on the bottom right if you need help from customer support. Now, you can go on to look at recommendations and customize your review widget. 

  • Click on customize the main widget here, and you'll be taken to the widget editor tab, on the left where you have Navigation, basically general app settings, similar to Loox. And on the right, you have a customization tab with Live preview. 
  • For the First step, try the customization section. Here you can choose from 25 languages, sort and loading type. There is no limit on the number of reviews per page, and set your theme color. If you click on Show All Customization options, this section will expand with Word limit, verified badge color and also enable you to turn features on and off, such as for 
  • Graph
  • Photos Summary
  • Sort options
  • Recommended Percentage
  • Reviews Tab
  • Customer's Avatar

The next section is design. Here you have six options and save. 


Be sure to check the display and email widgets quickly, and after that, you can put this app to the test. Click on the Display widget on the left, and you'll be taken to a new tab. It looks different from the main widget. From here, you will be able to customize fully:

  • Carousel
  • Full Page
  • Visual Gallery
  • Wall Photos
  • Top Rated
  • Side Drawer
  • Site badge
  • Instagram Feed
  • Checkout Comments

To customize the email widget, you'll need a Premium Membership, and if you choose that, you would be able to add badges and reviews directly in your email. Don't forget to install the widget in your theme by clicking on the install widget, and now you can test the app. 


Be sure to check the stars, how the review form looks and the Thank you message. You can also customize the Thank you message.

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Our favorite feature of the Product Reviews UGC app is that with it, you don't only get reviews, but you can also view your net promoter score( basically, this is the measure of how happy the customers were with your overall brand) checkout comments, and Instagram curation. The Analytics tab offers more than enough insights about your current campaigns. If you go to the Marketing tab, you can even make Facebook and Instagram Ads. 

The Product Reviews UGC app is an excellent tool for those who really want to boost sales and are willing to spend bucks on these ADS. This will enable you to integrate your business into these Social media platforms. Overall great app, really great! It's user friendly and looks usable even for those who are not really tech-savvy.

The One thing we, however, didn't like about this app is the design. While the design is good and the app has a lot of features, somehow, we got lost in it. Going deep into the app, you can do a lot with more, which makes running a business a breeze just like a walk in the park.

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