Tidio Live Chat app

Tidio Live Chat Shopify App Review and Tutorial

  • The first step to using Tidio Live chat is to add the app to your Shopify store. 

  • Once this is uploaded, the next step is to configure your live chat, starting with the customer service agent's name and their avatar. Once this is complete, you can go on to choose the color of your chat window to match that of your brand and next select a language. The next step would be to input your account info, website address, email country, and industry. Be sure to read through the terms and conditions before clicking "continue" to move to the next step. 

  • You can choose from any of the two options for greeting your customers on the Chatbot setup page: Discount code in exchange for the email or just a warm greeting.

  • Next, move on to edit your welcome message and promo code, then click continue. 

The Tidio live chat app features a minimalist navigation menu: Conversations, dashboards, chatbots, visitors, contacts, channels, analytics, and app settings. 

  • Finally, set your offline hours and return to the app settings page. 

Once this is done, you have completed the first stage of setting up your Tidio Live Chat. 

Moving to the next stage, App customisation, you can customise the app to match your needs. 

  • Starting with notifications on the app settings page, you can test different sounds for Incoming Visitor, New Chat Request, and New Message. Choose from any of the 10 options available. 

  • Next, for email preferences, with Tidio, you can choose to receive an email when a user contacts you outside working hours. This is to ensure that you don't miss any customers by leaving them unattended to. Then choose your do not disturb hours. 

  • You can edit your preferences on the left menu at the beginning of the page by clicking on it. On the preferences tab, you can change your shop's region, enable and set the frequency of reports if you would like it daily, every 3 days, every week, or monthly. You can also ban customers from using the chat using this tab. 

If you need to add another operator, just go back to the account tab, click "operators," and click the blue button that says "add an operator." Input the operator's name and email, create a password, and you are good to go.

  • To set up integrations, go to integrations and choose from any of the integrations made available. 

  • To set up quick responses, you can choose from any of the premade quick responses. Alternatively, you can also change the quick responses to any that fits your brand. Click the blue-button that says "Add," then add your quick response. To delete any of your quick responses, just click on the red button that says "delete.".

You can respond to customers using Desktop and mobile 3 apps, just download the app and install it. To see insights about your chatbot messages, click on "chatbot." To add more chatbots, just click on add another bot, and you can choose from a range of different chatbots, or you can add one from scratch. 

In the next tab, you can find the visitors on your site, and in the contacts tab, you can find the clients who used the live chat. 

On the channels tab, you can play around with the design of the Tidio live chat widget. You can change almost everything, from the position of the widget, colors, text, appearance on both mobile and desktop, plenty of languages are available, you can really change the look and feel of your app. Also, you can enable the sidebar in case you want to increase the visibility of your live chat. 

Tidio also allows you to connect your Facebook account. Just click on the blue button that says "Connect your Facebook account" and choose the page you want to connect the app with. Give necessary permissions and click on save changes. For analytics, click on analytics; here, you can see all of the operators' insight, and that is it. 

Do a final test check on how it works on your website, making sure to check your greeting message, sound, and hello test. 


What is Tidio Live Chat?

Tidio is a live chat app that allows you to fit all your live chat, email, and Messenger communication in one panel. Tidio Live Chat allows you to use intelligent bots to reclaim abandoned carts and increase sales by reacting to your customers' behaviour. 

Using Tidio Live Chat, you can increase customers' satisfaction by boosting sales by merging live chats, bots, and marketing automation to meet your Shopify store demands. You also do not have to be online round the clock to use the Tidio Live Chat, as the app comes with bots that can check product availability, inform about delivery status, and give the estimated delivery time only transferring to an operator when faced with an issue.
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