Create Offers Using Ultimate Special Offers: App Review and Tutorial

Create Offers Using Ultimate Special Offers: App Review and Tutorial

  • The first step to using this app is installation; you can find the app in the Shopify app store. Once the app is installed and integrated with your shop, you'll be taken to the Dashboard.

  • To make your first campaign, click on the blue button that says "Create special offer". A new window should appear for campaign creation. The first step is the campaign name; next is the offer type. There are eight types of offers to choose from:

    • BOGO: Create a customizable "Buy X, Get Y" offer.

    • Bulk: Discount items when customers meet a quantity threshold.

    • Bundle: Give discount when certain products are purchased together.

    • Discount: Put any product or collection on sale.

    • Goal: Discount purchase when customers reach a certain order value.

    • Gift: Reward customers for purchases above a certain amount.

    • Upsell/Cross-sell: Promote additional or complementary products with a popup or on the cart page.

    • Volume: Vary pricing by the number of items purchased.

Choose the ones you need and set them up. The first step is to set your Spend Goal; then, you need to choose what you want to add on. Next, choose the second option and choose the homepage collection. 

The final section is Availability. The Ultimate Special Offers app allows you to choose if you want to add the option in Online Store, POS or both; this is an excellent function to have on hand on a busy sales day. 


Also, another great function, you can choose if you want to show the offer to only sign in customers; this way, you can increase your opt-in rate, or you can exclude some of your sign-in customers with specific tags. And that is it, click on save, and you should be back on the Dashboard. 

The Dashboard should look significantly different now with the active campaign. Once this message pops up, "if you're using a mini cart that slides or pops out in your theme, you'll need to go to Online Store > Themes > Customize and set your cart type to "Page" (or ask your theme developer to do this)." And now it is time to check how it works on your website. 

  • To use Volume discounts, go back to the Dashboard and again click on Create special offer in the top right corner. Again you need to input a name; next is the volume offer section; first, choose the products or collection you want to include in your offer. Go ahead and click on choose products. Now you need to set the PRICE TIER. On the left, you have the quantity, and on the right, you have rewards. You can choose if you want to reward your customers with New price, discount amount or discount percentage. 

Click on "Add another tier" below your first rule, and we will set a new reward. 

After which, you need to choose VOLUME DISCOUNT TYPE. Three options are available: 

  • Per product variant - Each variant in the cart is checked for minimums.

  • Per product - All variants in the cart will be grouped by product and summed up before checking minimums. 

  • Per entire product selection - All variants and products in the cart matching your selection will be grouped and summed up before checking minimums. 

Choose any and move to the volume message. For the Product page message, edit it and the Cart line message, also create a Success message. Click on save, and you should be on the Dashboard again. 

Considering the Dashboard, you'll find Offer analytics; right under analytics is a list of our offers. If you click on the actions button on the right, you can preview, edit, disable or delete the offer. Also, on the Dashboard, you'll find the FAQ, which is a nice touch. 
If you want to change your offer's look and feel, that can be done in the settings tab.

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