Upsell Products to Customers Using Upsell Recommendations: Shopify App Review and Tutorial

Upsell Products to Customers Using Upsell Recommendations: Shopify App Review and Tutorial

  • Once you have installed and integrated the Upsell Recommendation Shopify app with your Shopify store, you’ll be greeted with a welcome pop-up with some info about the app. The app will automatically set recommendations; you don’t have to pay for anything, and there are no limits. 

  • Click on next, and you should be on the start guide. The first step is to turn on the widgets you want to show on your store; you can choose between Homepage, product page, and cart page. In case you want to edit the widget setting, you can do it by clicking on the icon. You can change the recommendations type; two options are available intelligent and best-selling products. Also, here you can change the position of the widget if that is something that you want.

  • Going on to the design settings, you would find a widget preview and right under it; you can see some basic editor. The editor is split into two parts content and style. Let’s start with the content. 

  • First, you have a number of products; you can choose from 1 to 12 products. Here you can change alignment, currency and choose if you want to add an infinite scrolling loop and image zooming effect. 

For the widget content, you can choose if you want to show:

  • Header

  •  Product Name

  •  Product Price

  •  Button

  •  Full Width

  •  Slide Arrows On Mobile

Turn on all of it, and once the button text is ok. Click on Save, and next, see what you can do in the Style tab. In the style tab, you can change fonts, font sizes, and colors and also, you can change the size of our product images. Once this section is checked, you can proceed to the next step, product optimization tips. 

On the product optimization tips page, you’ll be asked to install the additional free app. You can choose if you need it, but if you don’t, move on to the final page, which is Recommendation & Exit Intent Popups. 

You can go back to your store, reload it to see the changes you have made. Once you have determined that this app works, you can go back to see what else this app offers.

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