WhatsApp Chat Shopify App - Boost Customer Experience: Review and Quick Tutorial

WhatsApp Chat Shopify App - Boost Customer Experience: Review and Quick Tutorial

  • The Whatsapp Chat and Abandoned Cart App needs first to be installed on your Shopify store, after which you would find the WhatsApp chat settings. To enable WhatsApp chat, you must first configure your live chat. 

  • The first step to do this is to fill in your phone number, choose your country code and write your WhatsApp phone number. In case you don't know your country code, just click on the question mark on the screen, and you will be taken to the list of all country codes. 

If you are a paid user, you can also set your Do Not Disturb (DND) hours here and during DND hours, the chat button will be hidden.

  • The next section is reserved for the configuration of Your CTA button and pre-filled message. First in line is a button, click on the change design button, and a new window should appear. 

Here you'll find six basic designs; you can choose if you only want to show button or if your theme allows, you can add button and text. If you are a paid member, then you have more options, click on save, and now it is time to configure your chat button text. 

While the Pre-made text is "chat with us", you can customize it to suit your taste; you can also edit the message body text and then jump to the greetings widget. We should also mention that this app allows you to include the current page URL in the message, so when the customer contacts you, you know exactly where he or she encountered a problem. 

  • Next, it's time to customize your Greeting widget. This feature is available in the pro plans, and in case you choose to upgrade, you can greet your store visitors with customized title and help text in the greetings widget, and there are two templates to choose from. 

  • Moving on to the advanced settings section, here you can play with button display, chat position and chat sizes. Save your work by clicking on the button, and your WhatsApp chat is automatically enabled.

Reload your store to see the changes you have made. You can also try using this app on mobile and desktop. 

  • From the sidebar on the left, click on CRM. This feature is also available on paid plans, and basically, the app sends automated CRM messages using message templates approved by WhatsApp. Only 3 languages are available, which is a little bit disappointing since most of the apps offer like 35 languages on a free plan, but you can only choose from English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Also, WhatsApp requires an explicit opt-in to send an automated message to anyone, so this is the window where you can configure your opt-in widget. 

  • Now you need to set up automated abandoned cart recovery. Here, messages will be sent automatically whenever the app detects an abandoned cart in your shop. You can change the message that will be sent to your customer on WhatsApp, but also you can include a discount as an extra incentive to recover abandoned cart.


If you just started your Shopify business and don't have a lot of customers yet, you can choose the Prime plan, and instead of automated, you can send messages manually, which will take you some time, but you have a chance to truly connect with your customers while recovering your abandoned carts. 

Finally, jumping to the WhatsApp Share Settings. WhatsApp share adds the Share button on your Shopify store, which allows your customers to share your store's content from the app directly. You can choose to edit the text template, then finally enable it. Also, double-check to see the changes you have made. 

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