• As usual, you would start by installing the Yotpo app on your Shopify store; the next step would be to create a Yotpo account. Input your name, set a password, choose the number of orders you expect monthly and also add your phone number, then click on finish. 

  • Once this is completed, you would be directed to the start guide. Just like with other review apps, you'll find Review Request Emails. On this tab, you can choose if you want to send review request emails automatically; if you don't want to, just toggle the button from on to off. Yotpo also allows you to send review request emails retroactively to your old customers, and you can send them for purchases not older than 180 days. 

Also, at this stage, you can change your email's content, including sender, subject, and message. Click on the blue button that says Next: Customize widget, and you'll be directed to the customize widget tab. Here you can change the color and choose a font; once this is done, click on next.

  • Moving on to Integration, on this tab, you can choose between Automatic installation, Manual installation, or Email Instructions, then click on install now. The Yotpo review widget is installed, and you can continue to Admin. 

 This takes you to the dashboard, where you'll get a welcome popup with a warning that request review emails won't be sent until after 48 hours. Close this popup by clicking on the Get Started button to start customizing. 


The dashboard is split into three parts. On the left, you have menu navigation, the central part is for recommendations, and on the right, you'll see analytics and news. Fix what needs to be fixed and then return to dashboard. 

 The first recommendation is automatically collect reviews; click on it. On the new tab, the first step is to Customize Review Request Emails. You can change the subject, body, call to action and signature of your email. You can also include a photo of the product and choose how many days after the purchase the email is sent. If you go to the reminders tab, you can Customize the timing and text of the Reminder Emails; just click on add a reminder button. 


Save changes and go back to the dashboard. Click on the moderation to the left. You can set additional rules for the reviews and comments, including rules for auto-publishing, sentiment filter, or you can block explicit language. 


To customize your Onsite widget to fit your overall theme, click on Onsite widgets and then review widgets. In the General settings tab, you can choose between two types of widget performance, Better performance or Immediate update then set the number of reviews per page. Click on save changes and quickly jump to the look and feel tab. Next, refresh your Shopify page to see the new changes. 


Click on product, and here you should see your review widget. Click on Write a Review and fill in the review form; customers can choose to leave a review from their social media profiles or just write a name.

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