10 Ways to Promote Your Business with Graphic Design

10 Ways to Promote Your Business with Graphic Design

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There's a reason why 49 percent of small- and medium-sized businesses consider graphic design very important. lol the business asset that can instill brand recognition, which leads to more conversions. When promoting your business nowadays, copywriting won't cut it. Brands need highly-engaging visuals that make consumers stop dead on their tracks (or screens). 

When humans are introduced to new information, 90 percent of what the brain processes are visuals. That's because the human brain can dissect images 60,000 times faster than text. This is why graphic design is a significant factor in promoting your brand. Consumers are hooked to captivating graphics rather than text. While DIY services are accessible to the public, it’s recommended to have a team of graphic designers handle your design work.

Here are 10 ways experts can use graphic design to promote your business. 

1. Company logo

A company logo acts as the extension of a business. Therefore, it's imperative that company logos shouldn't be made out of a stock icon or template. Logos should reflect your overall brand identity. And only the experts know how to convey your branding through colors, fonts, and symbols and use graphic design techniques to produce a well-designed logo.

When you have a professionally designed logo, it instills top-of-mind awareness that moves mountains for your brands. For instance, when a consumer chooses a product from a shelf, they would pick the product with a familiar logo. And it boils down to two factors: Value and attention. 

Moreover, a standout logo means it can outshine its competitors, increasing positive results when promoting your business. Here are the elements your logo should have to smash the competition:

  • Memorability
  • Uniqueness
  • Scalability
  • Simplicity
  • Relevance

2. Website design

Half of the world's population is online, which makes a company website another business asset. Without a website, you'll be losing opportunities within your online audience. However, you can't rely on DIY web design tools. Web designers know what it takes to create a user-friendly website that appeals to audiences. You can opt for graphic design companies as well, which offer web design.

Also, credibility is of the essence when establishing your business. And one way to gain credibility is to show a compelling and user-focused website design. Here are the basic principles of a good website design:

  • Navigation
  • Simplicity
  • Visual hierarchy
  • Excellent content
  • Layout
  • White space
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Consistency

Furthermore, using killer graphics on your website makes the user experience more enjoyable. Navigation will be quicker, product representations are more effective, and the overall visuals improve users' browsing. 

3. Corporate identity

A corporate identity pertains to all the visual aspects that reflect the company's overall branding. And mind you, branding is crucial if you want your audience to remember you. Branding doesn't only mean your logo, but it refers to the details that depict your brand personality. And graphic design is the primary ingredient in branding. The proper use of colors, fonts, icons, and even the language is vital.

Visual communication is the key to conveying your brand story through your corporate identity. And when you present your business through eye-catching graphics, consumers will be inclined to your brand more. Overall, know what brand image you want your consumers to perceive and show this through your corporate identity. 

4. Print ads

Print ads are still as effective as online ads. But investing in billboards, flyers, or posters nowadays takes more than stock images and copywriting. We live in a visually-centric world, and the only way to make your ads stand out is through compelling graphic design. Advertisements should be unique in that they invoke particular emotions in consumers. This way, passersby will be persuaded to check out your products or services.

5. Packaging 

The packaging is an excellent way to promote your product and elevate your brand. When consumers choose a product, the packaging is part of the buying experience. The packaging isn't merely protection for your product. It also markets your product in ways that your website or customer representatives can't. 

For one, the graphics on the packaging can make the buying experience more enjoyable. Plus, the labels allow consumers to know more about your product features. Finally, unique packaging, coupled with stellar graphic design, creates an unforgettable experience for your buyers. Alternatively, illustrations are another option to have standout packaging. Although you can find illustrations for free, it’s best to hire an illustrator to create unique illustrations for your packaging design.

6. Social media

Social media marketing is a robust advertising method because there are around 3.5 billion active social media users. According to social media statistics, the users comprise 90.4 percent millennials, 77.5 percent Generation Xers, and 48.2 Baby Boomers. This is an excellent opportunity for brands to promote their products and services on various social media channels. However, the only way to hook them is through unique and share worthy graphic design. And when you do, your chances of going viral are high.

7. Landing pages

Aside from your website design, promoting your business through excellent landing page visuals is another effective method. A landing page's primary purpose is to convert leads. Using killer graphic designs, illustrations, animations, and videos help in communicating better storytelling. On top of that, landing pages need elements such as:

  • Layout
  • Hero images
  • CTA buttons
  • Quick sign-up forms
  • Hierarchy

When you integrate these, your landing pages can persuade leads to do the next step.

8. Blog graphics

Investing in paid advertising means you'll have more chances of making users click and check out your offer. Something that content marketing and SEO don't have. However, elevating your storytelling through graphic design can make your content scale. 

Custom blog images establish branding consistency that tells your brand story more effectively. Plus, it gives your SEO a tremendous boost through integrating keywords on image alt texts. Finally, if you have quality and relevant content that your audience enjoys, blog graphics make them more shareable. That's because images on long-form content make the content easily digestible. 

9. Email newsletters

Email marketing has an incredibly amazing ROI when done right. Although keeping your email designs simple is of utmost importance, graphics can make reading emails enjoyable for users. 

Email visuals can hold the reader's attention longer. And here are some tips on how to nail email graphics:

  • Include dynamic gifs
  • Invest in quality and professional product photography
  • Integrate a visual kick in your CTAs
  • Ensure branding consistency by using the right colors, fonts, icons, messaging, etc.
  • Deliver information through infographics

10. Promotional items

Promotional items enable a tangible experience when promoting your business. Plus, everyone loves free stuff. Moreover, promotional items create boundless marketing opportunities for your brand. That is if you ensure branded merchandise. 

Branded merchandise refers to any product that carries your branding assets like logos, fonts, icons, mascots, colors, etc. And here are a few reasons why branded merchandise is essential:

  • Instills brand recognition
  • Introduces your business
  • Establishes an emotional connection
  • Keeps a solid base of customers
  • Engages your audience
  • Increases business exposure
  • Reduces your marketing and advertising costs

Overall, handing out promotional items with outstanding graphic design establishes loyalty. Consumers would want to interact with your business in the future because you went the extra mile with your promotional materials. 

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