Youtube Shopify Channels: 5 Channels That Will Supercharge Your Revenue

Youtube Shopify Channels: 5 Channels That Will Supercharge Your Revenue

COVID19 is the word on everyone’s lips and while the world is trying to deal with this pandemic, more and more people have stayed home and realized that shopping online is not only safe, but it is efficient and works well.



This means that E-commerce stores on Shopify have been able to reach out to the world to offer a safer solution. Shopify is an all-in-one E-commerce solution that is robust, scalable, and easy to use by ambitious entrepreneurs who want to establish an online store to sell their products and services.

The numbers talk for themselves when exploring just how efficient the Shopify platform is:

  • It is the 3rd top E-commerce platform that has a market share of 20%.
  • Presently there are over 427,676 websites that are making use of Shopify and more than 600,000 businesses use this platform across 175 countries.
  • To date, more than 1 billion orders have been processed on Shopify and they exceeded total sales of more than $55 billion.

The numbers say it all. Shopify is helping merchants worldwide to make money and their Point of Sale has unveiled a new era of online and in-person purchases to help scale those sales even higher.

Scaling Your Shopify Store

So, you have become a Shopify merchant and have made your business one of the stats on their platform, but do you really know how to use the platform to its best potential and how to make money?

That is why we are here! YouTube is a fantastic website that offers video tutorials on just about anything. If you are exploring how you can truly make Shopify work for your business, then why not use YouTube as your guide to fully optimize your Shopify experience.

This article will take you through some of the top YouTube Shopify channels that will help your Shopify store make more money. 

Let's get started! 

1.  Ethercycle


Ethercyle offers guidance and helps create successful shopify entrepreneurs.

Not every entrepreneur using Shopify is tech-savvy and has a full understanding of the Shopify platform and the best way to use it for their own business needs. Some stores are large, while other stores only offer a handful of products and services. 

Then there are the ins and outs behind the scenes of your Shopify store that can slow your site down, push it down on Google page rankings, and possibly influence how 'discoverable' your website is on search engines.  

There is also SEO or Search Engine Optimization, added site security, social selling, and Shopify POS, and Shopify affiliates. The Shopify affiliates program alone is a profitable avenue that requires very little effort. In 2018 alone, Shopify paid more than $100 million to partners. 

So, how do you use all of these factors when building and developing your Shopify store? The key is to educate yourself and there are helpful YouTube videos that can offer guidance into these profitable avenues that you may not have thought of or understood. 


Subscribing to the Youtube Shopify channel 'Ethercycle' will offer new and experienced Shopify entrepreneurs some helpful advice and guidance to optimizing their Shopify store and to help them become successful entrepreneurs on the platform. 

A wide variety of videos will take you through the various profitable ways in which to optimize your online store and make some money the right way, and more efficiently. There is even a free Shopify guide on offer from this channel. 

2. Andrew from EcomExperts

EcomExperts Shopify Experts
Ok, yes- I'm pushing in some self promo- but only because on this channel I share elements and techniques that I normally only share with my clients during consulting calls!

On this Youtube Shopify focused channel we cover a couple of subject - each subject has a weekly video.

  • Shopify App Reviews - giving you a walkthrough to all Shopify apps
  • Shopify Strategy. How to start a store, how to find your buying persona etc
  • Shopify Dev videos - We teach you quick dev tips so you can modify your store
  • More weekly series coming

I get right into it and tell you exactly what apps and strategies will help your Shopify store make money. 

By focusing my YouTube channel on Shopify app reviews, entrepreneurship, and even web development. The goal is to simplify Shopify and to help merchants optimize their store with minimal hassle. 

The best part about the unveiling of these apps with me is that my channel is completely free. You can subscribe to EcomExperts here to find out which apps will help your Shopify store increase its revenue. 

EcomExperts - Shopify developers

3. Shopify YouTube Channel

While all of the reviews and advice from the experienced experts help, Shopify also has their own YouTube channel to offer Shopify entrepreneurs helpful guidelines on their platform. 

Shopify Youtube Channel

While their YouTube channel does not detail how your business can or should make money, it does offer video tutorials on how to use Shopify effectively for your business.

Of course, understanding how to build, develop, and grow your E-commerce store to suit its own trading needs, can lead to generating higher revenue for your business. 

The YouTube channel explores different success stories from different entrepreneurs that use Shopify for their business. The motivation may offer you some informative inspiration and some unique tips and tricks may spark your innovation for your own online store. 

Understanding how others have been able to generate an income and profit with Shopify may help guide you into what you have been doing wrong, or what else you can do to convert those shopping carts into purchases and keep those customers coming back for more. 

Some stories share their downfalls, what they did wrong, and the solution to rising above the problems. Other stories detail the use of Shopify's Point of Sale to further increase your profit, while others explain the concept of social selling on Shopify to drive more traffic to your online store. 

Did you know that Facebook is the number 1 source of social traffic and sales? Almost 1/3 of all social media visits that have been directed to Shopify stores originate from Facebook. Handy to know, isn't it? So, why not learn from the videos on their YouTube channel on how to integrate Facebook and Shopify? 

Facebook Shopify

4. Coding with Jan - Shopify Developer

Coding is the language computers speak. We need to code just about everything online so that integration between our needs and wants are met by the world wide web. 

Liquid is the open-source template language that was developed by Shopify and written in Ruby. Essentially, it is the backbone of Shopify themes and it is used to load dynamic content and products to your online storefront. Liquid has been in use at Shopify since 2006 and is used by many other hosted web applications too. 

The Shopify focused YouTube channel 'Coding with Jan' understands the coding language of Shopify and the host shares his valuable skills and knowledge with Shopify users.

The videos explain how you can edit and modify Shopify theme files, load more products on your collection pages to eliminate page after page clicks, and even how to grow your site with Google. 

The added skills and knowledge behind coding your Shopify store correctly means that you can increase your traffic to your store, increase your site loading speed, and even improve your customer's shopping experience. These all add to increased revenue. 

Jan - Shopify Expert

5. Curious Themes - Shopify Experts

There are over 100 Shopify themes and it is possible to generate $1000 - $4000 in revenue just from using these themes the right way. The revenue earned by partners through themes, apps, and services was more than $430 million in 2016 alone. These stats say a lot about how a theme can affect your store and even your income. 

The YouTube channel "Curious Themes - Shopify Experts" dives right into this topic of themes and how to effectively manage your Shopify theme. 

This channel also offers a lot of insight into driving traffic to your Shopify store, customization, domain connection, and even dropshipping with Shopify. 

Curious Themes - Shopify Experts

The Bottom Line

YouTube is a helpful tool for any Shopify merchant, whether you are new to the platform or have been using it for years. 

The video tutorials offer visual step-by-step guides for optimizing, coding, and customizing your Shopify store; all of which have a direct impact on helping you make more money. 

Our favorite is completely biased but...Andrew from EcomExperts. With so many apps available for Shopify, selecting an app for your store could either be detrimental to your sales or highly profitable. The guide into which apps are the best to help you make money helps eliminate the hassle of trying to find the best app for your Shopify store.

 Shopify Expert_ Andrew Durot

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