Why Shopify Merchants Love Our Speed Optimization

Why Shopify Merchants Love Our Speed Optimization

Picture this! You try to hire a Shopify speed optimization agency, so you go on Google and search "best Shopify site speed optimization agency" or "leading Shopify site speed optimization agency." At this point, you'll find numerous agencies in your search results, which brings up the question of how do you know which one to hire.

There's only one obvious choice; EcomExperts, but rather than try to convince you on why you should hire us using fancy techy words and fluff, we'll simply explain what we do and why we are better than others in simple terms. This time you're the judge, and you get to decide whether we're the right agency for you from reading this eye-opening piece. 

Before you decide, you must understand what site speed optimization is and what to look out for in an agency. 

What is Shopify Site Speed Optimization? 

To answer this, it's speeding up your Shopify store. A better answer would be that Shopify site speed optimization means improving how fast your page loads by removing obstacles that may hinder user experience. 

Shopify site speed optimization means improving how fast your page loads by removing obstacles that may hinder user experience.

Let's get to the facts; a fast loading store does wonders for conversions and sales. So much so that Google recommends that eCommerce stores load in under 4 seconds; anything higher results in a 40% increase in bounce rates. What this means is that the slower your store loads, the more customers scroll away. 

Google recommends that eCommerce stores load in under 4 seconds;

This might sound insane, but nonetheless true. Customers choose to shop online to avoid long waiting lines often found in offline shops. You can only imagine the disappointment they feel when they try to check out an item, but the store takes forever to load. 

Why Should I Optimize My Shopify Site Speed? 

The benefits of optimizing your Shopify site speed are numerous. For starters, in its new Core Web Vitals update, Google considers site speed the determining factor for search engine ranking. 

Google now ranks faster sites first in search rankings. Regardless of how good your SEO content is, your site might rank below other sites much faster than yours. 

Asides from improving your Shopify’s store search rankings, site speed optimization also does a lot for conversion rates. A fast-loading store ensures that your customers remain satisfied while using your store, giving them nothing to complain about. In fact, they are even more excited when they can quickly find what they’re looking for in your store within minutes of searching. 

Speed optimization improves conversion rate and bounce rate

In addition to better conversions, you also enjoy lower bounce rates with an optimized Shopify store; more people equals more money. So you can be sure your store’s profits would rise high up into thousands, giving you almost a 100% increase in revenue. 

When should I optimize my Shopify Site Speed, and Who Should I Hire?

While your site needs to stay optimized throughout the year, a great time to optimize your Shopify site speed is just before the holidays or a major sale. You can expect much higher traffic at these times of the year, and your store needs to be ready to carry such traffic. 

Best time to optimize your store is before the sales holidays

Now that we have established the frequency for optimizing your site speed, the next step is to identify the best Shopify site speed optimization agency to do the work for you. Before you decide to hire an agency, consider two things: your budget and how much you earn from your store. 

In reality, the ends should justify the needs, so before you pay a Shopify agency, you need to know your store makes enough to justify that payment. After all of this, the next step is to find a great agency. 

EcomExperts prides itself on being a world-class Shopify site speed optimization agency. So why are we better? Before you check out our case studies and results, here are a few things you should know. 

This year alone we optimized more than 500 Shopify stores 

First of all, we are Shopify specialists meaning that we know precisely how Shopify works, and we don’t run away from a challenge. You can even say ‘we have hacked the system’ and know exactly how to provide you with the best Shopify speed optimization services. We have optimized over 500 Shopify stores this year alone, including some of the biggest brands globally like headphones.com, bright minds, Right, giving us enough experience to know where things go.  

We understand how Shopify apps work and have also figured out when and where to load them. To make monitoring site speed scores even better, we built our own speed test tool testmystorespeed.com. Our devs at EcomExperts also stay in the loop and are constantly aware of Google updates which we make sure to implement in our site speed optimization. 

Compared to other Shopify site speed optimization agencies, we don’t just speed up your store; we also double check your codes. Clean lines of code are vital to the health of any Shopify store; they ensure that any other dev work goes on smoothly and faster. When we find code problems, we make sure to take them out and, if need be, replace them with better codes. 

In all, our goal at EcomExperts is to ensure the smooth running of your store, providing you with the best speed optimization service on the market, all for a small fee of $1499. With us, you’re not only sure of a faster store but better lines of code, Google rankings and more money for your store. 

Instead of why us? The question should be, why not us? There’s no Shopify site speed optimization agency that would pay as much attention to your store (your baby) as we would. Every parent needs a great nanny, and in the same way, does every Shopify store need a great speed agency

Think of us as Bonnie to your Clyde

How to Hire Us? 

You can hire EcomExperts as your site speed optimization agency in three easy steps: 

  1. Book a one-on-one consultation with any of our account managers. 
  2. Conclude your needs and fees.
  3. Wait patiently for your store to be optimized in under 7 days. 
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