Elevating Customer Experience with Bundle Builder on Barton Watch Bands

Barton Watch Bands embarked on a project to enhance their online shopping experience by integrating a Bundle Builder into their updated theme, leveraging the success of this feature from their previous main theme.

About Barton

Barton Watch Bands specializes in a diverse range of high-quality watch bands compatible with various watch models, including smartwatches. They are known for offering a wide selection of materials and styles, such as silicone, leather, and canvas, ensuring a perfect fit for any occasion or activity. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, Barton emphasizes the durability, comfort, and style of their products, catering to watch enthusiasts who value both function and fashion.

The Challenges

  1. 1. Integration Complexity

    Seamlessly integrating the Bundle Builder into the updated website theme while ensuring full functionality.

  2. 2. Consistency Across Devices

    Maintaining a consistent user experience and layout for the Bundle Builder on both desktop and mobile platforms.

  3. 3. Reference Implementation:

    Using the existing Bundle Builder from the BartonWatches/Main theme as a precise reference for functionality and layout, without compromising the updated theme's design integrity.

the process

The project involved meticulous planning and execution to incorporate the Bundle Builder into the updated theme, drawing from the framework established in the BartonWatches/Main theme. Our team ensured that the feature's integration was seamless across all devices, closely mirroring the functionality and user experience of the reference implementation.

the solution

  • Ensured feature parity between desktop and mobile versions for a unified customer experience.
  • Conducted thorough testing to guarantee the Bundle Builder's functionality and compatibility across all devices.
  • Preserved the updated theme's aesthetics while incorporating the Bundle Builder feature.
  • Provided detailed documentation and support for future updates and maintenance.
  • Enhanced user engagement through intuitive bundle customization options.


The successful integration of the Bundle Builder into Barton Watch Bands' updated theme significantly improved the online shopping experience, offering customers a personalized and engaging way to select and bundle their favorite watch bands. This enhancement led to increased customer satisfaction, higher engagement rates, and contributed to the overall growth of the brand's online presence.

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