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Kath was accommodating and patient with my requests. They completed the job in a timely fashion and supported their work. Andrew answered all of my questions quickly and concisely. I highly recommended their services and wouldn't hesitate to call on them for my future needs. A+
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How It Works?
No Surprises. Ever.
You Decide It's Time To Reach Out Here.
After all your store won't clean itself.
Antoine Follows Up Within 24 Hours.
His goal: get to know you, determine if we can truly help & paperwork stuff.
Enter Kathleen your point of contact.
CXL Certified & Cum Laude in CS she's here to ensure your project is on time & on point
One Of Our Senior Devs Gets To Work
  • Remove all non used app code
  • Re-order all JavaScript to prioritize UX & speed
  • Rewrite & declutter the code of your most visited pages
  • Optimize your CSS, Remove redundant libraries and much much more
Don, Quality Inspector Does A Full Review
UX is crucial! So we check every page on all browsers and screen sizes
You Approve The Result
It's a 100% satisfaction or money back policy.
Every Month We Keep It Clean
Just like your house, every month we'll pop in for a quick cleanup
Your Digital Presence Defines You!
What Does Yours Say?
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Phenomenal start to finish. Will hire again in a heartbeat. 100% professional & knowledgeable, flexible and very quick to respond and finish the project quickly and timely.
Why Trust Us With Your Code?
We Helped Define The Standard
We build the Only Shopify specific performance tool of the ecosystem and it's free to use.

We worked with The Shopify Team to build the native Speed report in your Shopify Store.
A Team Of International Heavy Hitters
Being 100% Remote gave us the ability to hire only absolute rockstars.

You'll be partnering with a team of individuals who have a track record of outperforming their peers. (MBA's, Honors Students, Ex top athletes and more)
Fast Store, Great UX, No Shortcuts
You can't fix bad code by quick fixes. You need to clean it up and re-write it.

A good clean-up will result in a fast store without impacting your visitors experience. Having great site score but slow user experience would be
Life is too short to sell
We're proud of our work. If things for some reason don't work out - you get your dollars back, all of it. We're not here to bamboozle you.

We're simply trying to make commerce better.
They worked on my project for 10 business days. Throughout the entire process they where transparent, honest when they had to give you bad news, very knowledgeable in advanced coding, and backed up their achievements with websites I could go to and see live the report that was generated. Because of their trustworthiness, professionalism, and expertise, I would want to work with EcomExperts again. It was an honor to have them on board for my site and they treated it with the same care and level of detail that I carry for it myself. This level of service is what is advertised in so many tech companies and 90% of them don't deliver.
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Have A Fast, Reliable Store
In 14 Days Or Less!
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