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Our clients enjoy 2x higher conversion rates, more traffic, increased customer retention, bigger average order value, better search rankings and more. We have tailored our services to make sure we offer the best speed optimization on the market. All for just $3,000
Users HATE slow stores! We'll help make your store ONE OF THE FASTEST!
Using the latest performance tools, codes and Google update, our developers get to work speeding up your store. In 14 days or less you'll have a much faster store, ensuring a better page experience for your customers.
Fast Store
Blazing fast user experience. Great Shopify speed score. Fantastic results on Google Core Web Vitals.
More Sales
A faster store directly translates into higher conversions & average order values. Our clients rank higher on Google and have more repeat customers.
100% satisfaction
We make sure to finish every job successfully. You'll get a much faster store or your money back guaranteed.
Let's chat about your other options
Some freelancers have a more affordable hourly rate
No guarantees on how good they actually are
You can work with many different freelancers
No way of knowing if the desired result will take 20 hours or 80 hours
Multidisciplinary team under one roof which is helpful for large creative projects
Does not specialize in Shopify site speed optimizations
Often have significant minimum contract fees starting over $5,000
The best agencies are very selective in who they work with
You have full control over the process
Competitive salary + benefits can quickly add up
Great developers don't like cleaning up code, they’d rather build new websites
Will need a significant training period in order to understand how to optimize Shopify sites correctly
You will learn a lot
The learning curve is high
There is limited accurate documentation on how to do it
Without counting in the training It takes up to 16 hours of coding minimum, a lot more time and stress
You'll save time
and money.
We get back to you within a few hours Saving you time you’d have spent wondering how to fix your site performance and how much it costs
You'll get a fair quote and breakdown We provide agency-quality work at freelancer prices. Our price for a full site speed optimization starts at $3,000
You Review and approve everything You're in charge and we make sure to run the final version by you before we push anything live
What our clients say about us

Wow! We had so much trouble getting our website to function quickly enough and it was killing our conversions! EcomExperts responded quickly and professionally, gave me a video walkthrough of the issues and what they could do to help, and then connected me with their top-notch developer team and now our speed score is 87 and rising! Couldn't recommend them more! Best experience and I now do all my website work with them.

Senior marketing manager

We were looking to address out site's performance once and for all. Found EcomExperts through a referral and they completely cleaned up the site! Not only is our site fast for our users, but it's scores are also greate on the Core.

Chief Marketing Officer

We certainly were excited to find EcomExperts, as our site had been sluggish and the customer experience was not as it should be. We really liked the approach and we were so pleased with the results. Our score went from 16 to 90 after the optimization was done. They were very responsive with any additional questions that we had. Our customer experience has been so much better since the optimization. We would certainly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their speed score.

Ashley Kohn
Founder & CEO

Thanks to EcomExperts our site is outperforming nearly all others within the same sector for speed and web vitals. Andrew and his team are super-efficient and always deliver on time if not earlier than estimated.

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Still Have Questions?
Here is the most frequently
asked questions
How will you optimize our Shopify site speed?
Loading the right things at the right time is the bulk of the work. All too often we see apps only utilized on the footer being loaded on the top of the page. We delay these app scripts and prioritize the important ones. Besides this, we clean up your code. If multiple developers have worked on your store over the years chances are they each are importing their own heavy code libraries. We clean all that up.
What guarantees do you provide?
Working with us you can expect a Shopify score in the high 70ies. This means that you will see a significant change on your Google Core Web Vitals from both mobile and desktop. Ask us about a written money back guarantee as we will gladly provide one on a case by case basis before we start working.
How do you justify your price?
8,000 USD is our current base price. Doing a correct optimization and code clean up takes time. We do not apply any quick fixes that fool page speed testing tools into believing your website is fast. Our team manually goes through all your code and analyzes each part to make sure it serves a purpose.
Will my store be down during your clean-up?
No, we work on a duplicate of your live store. Our team does not push any of the changes live without your explicit consent. You remain in full control.
Once completed will my store stay fast forever?
This depends on the level of modifications you apply to your store. With normal usage you can expect a 2-4 point decrease every couple of weeks. Yes it will slow down over time, just as with your physical store regular cleanups of your codebase are considered good practice. We do offer a monthly membership for this.
How it worked
Taron needed help with their site speed contacted EcomExperts for help optimizing their Shopify site speed
The job of speeding up was assigned to our team of experts now has one of the fastest Shopify Plus stores in the market
EcomExperts did an amazing job speeding up our store. They cleaned up our code in only a few days. Very professional!
- Taron, Co-Founder,
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