Case study

Harmonizing Innovation: JD Sports' Triumph in Integrating Dynamic Yield with Shopify

JD Sports, a leading sports apparel retailer, faced the challenge of integrating Dynamic Yield's unique coding requirements with their Shopify platform.
Through innovative coding strategies and continuous A/B testing, they successfully harmonized the two systems,
enhancing site performance and operational efficiency.

About JD Sports

JD Sports is a prominent sports apparel brand with a stronger presence in Europe than in the United States.
Their primary competitors include international retail chains like Foot Locker. With a sophisticated system for conversion rate optimization (CRO) testing, JD Sports maintains multiple dynamic yields and A/B tests constantly.

The Challenges

Complex Integration

JD Sports grappled with the intricate task:
melding Dynamic Yield into their Shopify platform,
a process complicated by each system's
distinct coding requirements.

Continuous Optimization

The brand aimed to perpetually run multiple dynamic yields tests,
necessitating a seamless blend of ongoing operations without
disrupting the user experience or site performance.

Performance Measurement

Maintaining a standard version of their site for benchmarking,
JD Sports needed to ensure that their optimization efforts
are accurately measured and reported,
proving tangible ROI to stakeholders.

The Process

JD Sports navigated a complex integration process, harmonizing the Dynamic Yield system's custom coding requirements with their existing Shopify platform.
They established a continuous cycle of A/B tests and dynamic yields, all while preserving a baseline website version for accurate performance comparison and ROI demonstration. This meticulous approach ensured seamless user experience and validated their e-commerce strategies through precise performance metrics.

The Solution

Implemented continuous dynamic yields and A/B testing to constantly monitor and adjust e-commerce strategies.

Maintained a base version of the website for reliable performance benchmarking and ROI demonstration to stakeholders.

Established a system for coding within Dynamic Yield that integrates smoothly with the conventional code on the Shopify platform, allowing for efficient updates and modifications.

Ensured the consistent functionality and user experience of the website, despite the complexity of operating within two different coding environments.

Key Learning & Conclusion

JD Sports' experience underscores the critical importance of adaptability and technical integration in maximizing e-commerce tools like Dynamic Yield. Their success illustrates that understanding and effectively navigating the complexities of various systems can lead to enhanced operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. This case ultimately highlights the need for businesses to be flexible and innovative in their approaches , especially when integrating new technologies with existing platforms.


EcomExperts' expertise enabled JD Sports to seamlessly integrate Dynamic Yield with Shopify,
optimizing site functionality and user experience.
This successful collaboration underscored EcomExperts' value in enhancing digital retail operations, solidifying JD Sports' market standing while showcasing EcomExperts' effectiveness in driving significant business outcomes.