Enhancing JOLYN's Digital Wave: A Site Speed Optimization Case Study

JOLYN, a leader in women's athletic swimwear, partnered with us to tackle the critical challenge of website performance, specifically targeting Google's Core Web Vitals.

About Jolyn

JOLYN focuses on crafting high-performance swimwear for women, merging durability with unique designs. Their products cater to athletes and adventurers alike, emphasizing comfort, fit, and sustainability. With a broad range encompassing bikinis, one-pieces, and athletic wear, JOLYN aims to inspire confidence and support in every sport or adventure.

The Challenges

  1. 1. Performance Bottlenecks:

    Identifying and resolving issues causing slow load times and poor user experience.

  2. 2. Core Web Vitals Compliance

    Achieving passing scores in Google's Core Web Vitals to enhance SEO performance.

  3. 3. Maintaining Visual Richness

    Optimizing site speed without compromising the high-quality visuals and interactivity that define the JOLYN brand.

the process

Drawing from our Site Speed Optimization Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), our approach was multifaceted. We focused on lazy loading non-critical resources, extracting and inline-embedding critical CSS, and deferring JavaScript execution. This strategic combination aimed to improve loading times, interactivity, and visual stability across the website.

the solution

  • Employed lazy loading for images, CSS, and JavaScript to reduce initial load time.
  • Extracted critical CSS for above-the-fold content to enhance rendering speed.
  • Implemented deferring of non-critical JavaScript to improve interactivity metrics.
  • Utilized Shopify’s native features to ensure seamless integration and maintainability.
  • Conducted extensive testing to optimize for both desktop and mobile Core Web Vitals.
  • Adjusted image formats and sizes for optimal loading without losing quality.
  • Optimized third-party script loading to minimize impact on site speed.
  • Applied best practices for web performance without compromising the user experience.


The optimization project was a resounding success, leading to significant improvements in JOLYN’s site performance and user satisfaction. The website now passes Core Web Vitals with flying colors, ensuring a faster, more responsive experience for all users. This optimization has not only enhanced the brand's online presence but also set a solid foundation for future growth and digital innovation.

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