Case study

Laudi Vidni - Extreme Customization and
ERP Integration in Shopify

Laudi Vidni, a unique custom leather handbag brand, partnered with us to elevate their business model.

This case study outlines how we helped them leverage their existing Shopify and ERP systems to offer their
customers a completely customizable shopping experience.

Client Information

Laudi Vidni stands out in the US handbag market with their
distinctive business model of creating 100% custom leather handbags.

Offering a myriad of different types of leathers, buckles, and
accessories, they give their customers the freedom to either purchase
pre-designed handbags or entirely customize their own.

This unparalleled degree of customization required a sophisticated
implementation strategy to offer a seamless user experience.

Our Challenges


Managing the complexity of
customization options for approximately
200 different handbag models.


Ensuring seamless user experience and
product visualization despite the intricate
customization possibilities.

ERP system for

Integrating real-time inventory data from
the ERP system to reflect accurate
customization availability.



We integrated their ERP system with Shopify to automatically pull real-time inventory information, such as the quantity of each
type of leather. Based on this data, we determined the number of customization options available for each product, allowing
customers to visualize their bag design in real-time with the help of 3D rendering technology.


Once the customer completed their customization, we leveraged the Shopify API to create a unique product based on the
customized bag design. We captured a screenshot of the 3D rendered image, which served as the product image for this newly
created product.


To prevent an infinite number of products on the Shopify admin side, we designed the system to keep the customized bag for
seven days before auto-deletion.
This approach was synced with the marketing team's email flow, nudging customers to
purchase their customized bag before it disappeared from the system.


The pricing structure was adjusted based on the choice of materials, where specific premium materials incurred a higher cost.
This was managed through product variants, allowing us to implement differential pricing seamlessly.


The result was a robust and maintainable solution that allowed Laudi Vidni to differentiate themselves from competitors
by providing extreme customizability, thereby positioning themselves as a top custom handbag maker in the US.

This project was one of the technically most complex undertakings, pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in
Shopify. However, it successfully demonstrated that with the Shopify API becoming more potent, the possibilities within
Shopify are limited only by our imagination.

Key Outcomes

Laudy Vidney offers 100% custom leather handbags in the US.

By integrating Shopify with their ERP system, we enabled real-time inventory
checks to dictate available customization options.

3D rendering was used to provide customers a real-time visualization of their
customized bag.

Customized bags were created as individual products via the Shopify API and
kept on the Shopify backend for seven days.

Pricing changes based on the materials chosen were efficiently managed
through product variants.

The project was a triumph of technical complexity, pushing the boundaries of
Shopify capabilities, and setting Laudi Vidni as a market leader in custom
handbag making in the US.