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Frequently Asked Questions
How will you optimize our Shopify site speed?
Loading the right things at the right time is the bulk of the work. All too often we see apps only utilized on the footer being loaded on the top of the page. We delay these app scripts and prioritize the important ones. Besides this, we clean up your code. If multiple developers have worked on your store over the years chances are they each are importing their own heavy code libraries. We clean all that up.
How do you justify your price?
3,000 USD is our current base price. Doing a correct optimization and code clean up takes time. We do not apply any quick fixes that fool page speed testing tools into believing your website is fast. Our team manually goes through all your code and analyzes each part to make sure it serves a purpose.
Will my store be down during your clean-up?
No, we work on a duplicate of your live store. Our team does not push any of the changes live without your explicit consent. You remain in full control.
Once completed will my store stay fast forever?
This depends on the level of modifications you apply to your store. With normal usage you can expect a 2-4 point decrease every couple of weeks. Yes it will slow down over time, just as with your physical store regular cleanups of your codebase are considered good practice. We do offer a monthly membership for this.
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