Case study

Malbon Golf – Shopify Implementation
for High Traffic and NFT Integration

This case study showcases our collaboration with Malbon Golf, one of the world's fastest-growing golf apparel companies.

They have partnered with renowned brands like Nike, Reebok, American Express, and Wheels Up. Our challenge was twofold: to ensure the stability of our frontend code under intense traffic, and to create an innovative solution for their unique NFT membership integration.

About Malbon Golf

Malbon Golf is a global golf apparel company known for its
partnerships with luxury brands.

With a reputation for launching products like limited edition
Nike sneakers that sell out in minutes, Malbon Golf needed
an eCommerce solution capable of handling extreme traffic
peaks without any hiccups.

The Challenges

Traffic & NFT projects

Handling high traffic surges during peak
periods & integrating a novel NFT project
into the e-commerce framework.

Seamless Operation

Ensuring seamless operation during
simultaneous 'add to cart' clicks by tens
of thousands of visitors.

Community Engagement

Enhancing community engagement and
exclusivity through NFT membership

The Process

In collaboration with Malbon Golf and Nifty Bridge, we strategized on the front-end Shopify implementation
to ensure its robustness under high traffic scenarios. Additionally, we formulated an effective mechanism
for the NFT membership verification and limitation process during the product drops.

The Solution

We devised a solution that allowed our front-end code to remain stable
even when 20,000 visitors clicked
on 'add to cart' in the same minute.

We implemented a system to verify NFT ownership at checkout and
limit the quantity of items per NFT.

In the NFT project, we enabled memberships to be sold in the form of

Owning an NFT granted early access to product drops and off-site
creating a sense of exclusivity.

Shopify did much of the server-side heavy lifting, but our quality code
that all users had smooth access to the products.

We included safeguards to prevent an NFT from being used by
multiple individuals to access the same product.

Key Learning & Conclusion

The project offered valuable insights into handling peak traffic scenarios and implementing unique concepts
such as NFTs into e-commerce. Our successful partnership with Malbon Golf has showcased our capabilities
in developing innovative solutions that support our clients' branding and community-building efforts.


The successful implementation of this project demonstrated the quality and robustness of our code under
high traffic conditions. Additionally, we helped to create a unique community experience with the NFT
project, contributing to the strong brand loyalty Malbon Golf enjoys.