Case study

Resolving the Mystery: How Malbon Golf Teamed Up with EcomExperts to Eliminate Unpredictable Website Crashes

This case study showcases our collaboration with Malbon Golf, one of the world's fastest-growing golf apparel companies.

They have partnered with renowned brands like Nike, Reebok, American Express, and Wheels Up. Our challenge was multifaceted: identify the elusive cause behind sporadic website crashes on iOS devices, safeguard the digital customer experience, and reinforce system robustness against unforeseen technical glitches.

About Malbon Golf

Malbon Golf is a global golf apparel company known for its
partnerships with luxury brands.

With a reputation for launching products like limited edition
Nike sneakers that sell out in minutes, Malbon Golf needed
an eCommerce solution capable of handling extreme traffic
peaks without any hiccups.

The Challenges

Website Stability

Navigating through erratic website disruptions
exclusive to Safari on iOS devices,
posing serious threats to user experience and sales.

Elusive Diagnosis

Embarking on a collaborative investigation
to unearth the cause behind the random crashes

Team Support

Highlighting the importance of having a
skilled Shopify team ready to quickly
handle unexpected issues and
maintain site performance.

The Process

Malbon Golf faced an unpredictable yet critical issue: their website began experiencing unexplained crashes, but these incidents were confined to Safari on iOS mobile devices. The crashes were sporadic, occurring without a discernible pattern or trigger, predominantly on product pages. This not only disrupted the shopping experience for users on these devices but also posed a risk of affecting the brand's reputation and sales.

The Solution

We initiated a thorough debugging process in collaboration with Shopify + Engineering Team due to the unpredictable website crashes.

Engaged engineering teams from both sides for an intensive, four-day investigation.

Analyzed the website's code and operational history meticulously to trace the issue's origin.

Discovered the obsolete "Klickly Connector" app, installed years ago and subsequently forgotten, as the root cause.

Identified the app's unintended creation of an open loop, which was taxing the processing power on specific iOS devices and prompting the crashes.

Key Learning & Conclusion

This case study emphasizes the critical need for diligent oversight of digital tools in e-commerce platforms, as inactive apps can cause significant disruptions.
It also highlights the importance of a skilled development team and strong collaboration with Shopify engineers for quick resolution of technical issues.
Regular backend audits are essential to prevent similar future challenges.


The immediate uninstallation of the Klickly Connector app brought an end to the crashes, restoring the website's functionality and ensuring a seamless user experience for visitors, regardless of their device.
This rapid resolution prevented potential revenue losses and preserved Malbon Golf's standing and reliability in the eyes of their customers.