Case study

Malbon Golf – Revolutionizing Malbon Golf's
Digital Strategy in a Cookieless Era

This case study highlights our innovative collaboration with Malbon Golf, a rapidly growing golf apparel brand known for partnerships
with elite companies like Nike, Reebok, American Express, and Wheels Up.
Facing the challenges of the cookie apocalypse in eCommerce, Malbon Golf sought a transformative solution to maintain their edge in the digital marketplace.

About Malbon Golf

Malbon Golf is a global golf apparel company known for its
partnerships with luxury brands.

With a reputation for launching products like limited edition
Nike sneakers that sell out in minutes, Malbon Golf needed
an eCommerce solution capable of handling extreme traffic
peaks without any hiccups.

The Challenges

Address the Cookie Apocalypse

Adapting to the decline of third-party cookies
impacting targeted advertising and customer insights.

Data Layer Complexity

Existing data systems were cluttered,
reducing efficiency in tracking and analysis.

Data Accessibility

A need for a more user-friendly
system for store owners to interact with
and understand their data.

The Process

We addressed Malbon Golf's challenges by first restructuring their data layer
and optimizing Google Tag Manager for enhanced tracking efficiency.
This groundwork was crucial in preparing for the introduction of a
PersistentID system, which effectively navigated the limitations set by the cookie apocalypse.

The Solution

PersistentID Implementation: A robust tracking solution providing long-term customer identification.

Data Layer Restructuring: Streamlined and efficient data collection systems.

Google Tag Manager Optimization: Enhanced tracking capabilities for more accurate data capture.

Unified Data Sources: Integration of Klaviyo, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Shopify, etc., into a single BigQuery instance.

Semantic Data Layer Development: Crafting a structured, AI-ready layer for data analysis.

Zenlytics AI Integration: Implementing AI-driven analytics for dynamic data interaction and insights.

Data Democratization: Making complex data accessible and understandable for Malbon Golf's team.

Key Learning & Conclusion

Through this project, we learned the importance of agility and innovation in adapting to the rapidly evolving digital landscape. For Malbon Golf, the journey was not just about overcoming the cookie apocalypse but about reinventing their approach to data to stay ahead of the curve. The integration of advanced analytics and AI has not only resolved immediate challenges but has also set the stage for sustained growth and competitive advantage.


The transformation led to clear improvements in revenue attribution, streamlined data collection,
and enhanced accessibility of actionable insights for Malbon Golf.
By leveraging AI and unified analytics, the company now enjoys a more comprehensive understanding of their customers,
leading to more effective marketing strategies and a significant return on investment.
This case study exemplifies how innovative solutions can turn a challenge into an opportunity for growth and success in the digital age.