Enhancing Performance for Mike's Bikes: Core Web Vitals Success Story

Mike's Bikes, a leading bicycle retailer, recognized the need to accelerate its website's performance to meet Google's Core Web Vitals standards. Aimed at offering a superior online shopping experience, the project focused on optimizing site speed without sacrificing its engaging and interactive user interface.

About Mike's Bike

Mike's Bikes, founded in 1964 in Marin County, stands as a pioneer in the cycling industry, rumored to house some of the country's first mountain bikes. With a steadfast commitment to cycling, it has expanded to a family of 18 retail stores, powered by over 250 cycling enthusiasts. The brand focuses on enriching cycling experiences, promoting a healthier lifestyle, and fostering local community engagement. Mike's Bikes aims to get as many people as possible on bikes, offering a superior retail experience tailored to every customer's needs.

The Challenges

  1. 1. In-depth Optimization Required

    Tailoring site speed enhancements to align with Google's Core Web Vitals, ensuring improved load times, interactivity, and visual stability.

  2. 2. Optimizing Content & Speed

    Optimizing website speed while maintaining the high-quality visuals and interactive elements that define the Mike's Bikes brand.

  3. 3. Cross-Device Consistency

    Ensuring optimizations effectively enhanced performance across both desktop and mobile devices.

the process

Drawing from our Site Speed Optimization Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), our approach was multifaceted. We focused on lazy loading non-critical resources, extracting and inline-embedding critical CSS, and deferring JavaScript execution. This strategic combination aimed to improve loading times, interactivity, and visual stability across the website.

the solution

  • Applied lazy loading techniques for images and scripts, significantly reducing initial load times.
  • Extracted critical CSS to speed up content rendering, especially for above-the-fold content.
  • Deferred the loading of non-critical JavaScript to improve page interactivity scores.
  • Leveraged Shopify's robust features for a seamless optimization process, ensuring future scalability and ease of updates.
  • Undertook rigorous testing to ensure enhancements met Core Web Vitals standards on both desktop and mobile.
  • Optimized image assets to balance quality and performance, reducing payload sizes without compromising visual integrity.
  • Streamlined third-party scripts and integrations to minimize their impact on site speed.
  • Adopted a user-centric approach to web performance, maintaining a high-quality user experience throughout the site.


The site speed optimization project for Mike's Bikes was a resounding success, leading to substantial improvements in the website's performance metrics and user experience. Achieving and surpassing Core Web Vitals benchmarks has not only elevated the online presence of Mike's Bikes but also laid a strong foundation for continued digital excellence and customer satisfaction.

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