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It was a true honour to talk to the one and only Steve Hutt on Ecommerce Fastlane. It wasn't my first time on podcasts or on interviews, I do them on regular basis, but I must admit that with this podcast - I was nervous.

I remember listening to the very first Ecommerce Fastlane episodes as they helped me through my entrepreneurial journey. I fully understood the requirement listeners have, to receive value. If I, as a listener,  invested 50 minutes in a podcast, I wanted to make sure I got some good value out of it. 

To those of you wondering how it goes. Saying Steve is a busy man would be an understatement. He runs some of the largest accounts at Shopify Plus helping top stores all while building a his own small media empire. Yet when Steve entered the virtual recording room time slows down. I can only assume he must be aware that some of his guests are nervous so he immediately underlines that him and his team did their research about us, know we're serious and that his goal is just to get us to share what we know as naturally as possible. 

What you heard is the essence of a fantastic 1hour conversation and I truly hope you had some value out of it!

As promised during the episode - we offer you a $400 discount as well as tree free months ($240 value) of maintenance towards our white glove site speed optimization service to all listeners of the Fastlane Podcast.

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