Shopify Performance Experts – EcomExperts

A team of global Rockstars


Ex-Airbnb-Andrew first got his feet wet with the Shopify when he was invited for drinks at their offices. Ever Since then he loved the concept and decided to gather a team and help the Shopify Ecosystem.

Director Operations

April is an avid rock climber and out door adrenaline junkie. She is the one you need in order to bring your project to a good end!

Director Finance

His extensive experience with both consulting and tech allows Michael to lead the team towards the destination that serves both our clients as well as the company. He ensures we stay focused on our Objective and Key Results all while balancing the books!

Account Manager

There isn't a stone unturned in the shopify universe for Aileen.A true professional she has seen almost all Shopif modifications over her time at EcomExperts and will help you find a solution within your budget.

Senior Developer

Graduated top of the class as a IT engineer, Farukh is heavily involved in the Shopify Ecosystem. On the clock or off the clock, JavaScrip & Liquid runs through his veins

Marketing Manager

Katarina is the brain behind all our marketing efforts - she is the one who build all those App review videos you see on youtube!

Senior Developer

6+ years of management experience in front end development as well as a passion for UX makes Dami the perfect candidate to ensure your projects are successful. In his free time Dami loves to mentor Jr. developers and introduce them to the world of front end web development.

Account Manager

As one of our account manager, Kathleen her sole goal is to make sure your store thrives. Having Finished Cum Laude in CS and having worked in multiple roles within EcomExperts, she is well equipped to ensure you are successful!

Shopify Developer

Having multiple years of Shopify And Javascript experience behind her she is a true pro when it comes to Shopify development challenges!

Quality Assurance

Having code run on one device is one thing. Making sure it works cross platform in all situations is a completely different task. This is where Don comes in making sure whatever our dev team has implemented, it will be tested & check to endure all possible circumstances

Shopify Developer

Dedication has no boundaries with Shazra. She will push out code and build your store with a level of precision and speed that you've never encountered before.

Quality Assurance

Hina will make sure all of the solutions we build for you actually work in every potential situation. Nothing worse then realizing your site isn't mobile responsive or doesn't work on a specific browser. This is where Hina comes in as she double checks the quality, functionality and structure of our solutions. After all no-one like messy code!