Awesome! What's Next?
Allow me to walk you through what will happen next and introduce you to those who will be reaching out to you! 👇
Checklist Of Things We Might Ask
  • Your url
    We'll request access to your Shopify store using our Shopify Partner Account. For this we need your url. Our access request will go to the email of the account holder of your store!
  • A list of all apps you use
    Apps slow down your site. Have any apps installed that you don't truly use? We will ask you!
  • The theme you want us to work on
    Should we make a duplicate of your live version and work on that? Or maybe another theme?
  • An introduction to Alice
    Referrals are our bread and butter! Who do you know that also runs a store? Once the job is done and you join our Happy Client Crew, we'll ask for that intro!
You'll hear from Antoine soon!
Andrew and his team have helped us with several projects over the years, I would use again and would recommend.
Dan Holding
Andrew is very easy to work with and makes sure the job is done correctly. I will definitely reach out to him next time I encounter an issue or need assistance.
Riley Newsom
Shrewd Archery
Given Andrew and the team at EcomExperts 5 stars every time for a reason!
Jon Nusz
EcomExperts are always 100% responsive, professional and accurate. If changes are required they are willing and fast. A great asset.
Michael Dorsey
Privet House
Andrew and his team completed our project with an abundance of care and professionalism! We look forward to working with them again.
Stephen Rosenfeld
Apriori Designs