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Adding an extra options in the Cart page can make significant difference in your overall profit. For example you can include gift wrapping, greeting cards and more. In the next few steps we will show you how to add gift-wrapping option on the cart page of your online store. 

First thing you should make your gift-wrapping option as a product. Create it as you would create any other product.

  • Product description can be used to describe materials of gift-wrap
  • If you want to offer the gift-wrapping option for free, just set the price as 0, and if you want to charge it - than give your gift-wrap product the price you want to charge 
  • You can even go step further and upload the image of how your product would look like wrapped

Second step is to create a menu that points to your gift-wrapping product. Important thing is to name your menu Gift wrapping, so the handle that is assigned to the menu is gift-wrapping.

Next step is to add gift-wrapping to the menu. 

  • In the Menu items section, give your new link any Name you like
  • As a link, choose Product
  • And select your gift-wrapping product 
  • Click on Save

    Now create a code snippet by going to the Sales channels section, click on Online Store and Manage themes. Find the theme you want to edit and then click on Actions and Edit code. In the Snippets directory, choose Add a new snippet.

    Give your snippet gift-wrapping name and click on Create snippet. Now code editor should open. If you want to charge flat order copy this file to the code editor, and if you want to add a charge that is multiplied by the number of products on the order, than paste this code. And click on Save.

    Last step is to include the snippet in the cart template. To do this go to Sections directory, click cart-template.liquid . If your theme doesn't have this, try searching for cart.template in the Templates directory. On a new line above the closing tag </form> insert this code {% include 'gift-wrapping' %} and click on Save. 

    In case this doesn't work you should include jQuery in your theme.liquid. Go to Layout directory and click on theme.liquid. Paste this code on a new line above the closing </head>  tag and click on Save. {{ '//' | script_tag }}

    If this doesn't work for you, than we can help you customize the Cart page to add an option for Gift wrapping or any other option you want to offer your customers in addition to their purchase. 

    Upselling at it's best!

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