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Answers from the Ecom Experts team

It’s easy really! You book a call with one of us so we can chat and see what needs to be done and come up with a plan.
If we determine working together would be a win-win we will guide you through exactly the steps that we'll undertake to increase your conversion rate!

Site Speed is a very important factor for e-commerce. We have first hand seen it drastically impact conversion rate - especially when there are elaborate PPC campaigns involved. People just don't have the patience to wait 9 seconds fo a site to load, especially if they never heard from you before.

Site Speed optimization is not an exact science. There are a lot of variables. But we can guarantee we can get your site to load in under 5 seconds - if we don't achieve this you'll get your money back!

I get it, you just want to give me money now and I'm an idiot for not taking it. But here is the thing, we need to set the correct expectations.
Maybe investing in Shopify speed optimization doesn't make sense for you. Maybe your site is build in such a way with SO many apps that there isn't relaly anything we can do about it.

Afterall we're Shopify Speed Experts - not magicians! So take 30 min out of your day and let's get it done right!

Yes - you can. We're not in the business of bamboozling people. If we can't get your site to load under 5 seconds, please by all means take your money back. 

The 14 day guarantee is simple- we make changes to your site, obviously, and sometimes our Quality Inspectors miss an element. You got 14 days to check everything to make sure it all works as it should!

Good question! We've been doing this for a while now, as you saw we have access to over 600 Shopify stores and we have learned all the right practices.

For example - we never EVER- work on live themes. We always create a back up versions and work on those ones so our work doesn't affect any of your clients up until you have confirmed and approved our work. This is just one of our many procedures we use as failsafes to ensure your store is in good hands, after all we are certified Shopify Experts...

Best way to get those answered is by hopping on a call with us and booking it below!

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