How Mobile Speed Score Went From 21 to 76 In 48 Hours

How Mobile Speed Score Went From 21 to 76 In 48 Hours

When it comes to sound, headphones are very popular as they grant privacy and improve sound fidelity. People are often always on the lookout for certain specifics when choosing headphones, such as noise cancellation, comfort, and sensitivity.

Considering all of this, two brothers, Taron and Andrew Lissimore, who love sound and technology, founded their own headphone company, The goal behind this company was to create the kind of headphone store they wished existed.

Beginning operations in 2016, the company in 2018 bought (without the S), created in the 90s by Tyll Hertsens, and integrated it into They founded The HEADPHONE Community forum in 2018, and it has become one of the most active Headphone communities on the internet. has been featured in CNET and a Shopify Masters podcast and is also a proud sponsor of the World Wide Hearing Foundation and

Today is the world's best headphone store and an authorized dealer for Focal, Audeze, Meze, Campfire Audio, Astell & Kern, iFi, Chord, Audioquest, Mr. Speakers, Hifiman, Audio Technica, SPL, Naim, Empire Ears, 64 Audio, Beyerdynamic, Cayin, Grado, Mytek and Stax.

We're two brothers who love headphones and want to share that love with the world. We think great sound is one of life's true pleasures and that great headphones, by extension, lead to a better life.
Taron and Andrew Lissimore



Over the years, the business grew, and their customer base expanded; they began adding more functionality to their store targeted at enhancing user experience. However, with each functionality and app added to the store, their page loading time increased drastically. 

Eventually, the website became cluttered, and their loading speed went up to the point where it started to impact their user experience. This meant that the store's conversion rates reduced and bounce rates increased, all of which caused reduced sales for the store. 

One of the core values of is customer satisfaction, and their famous 365 return policy testifies to this. Hence, the biggest concern for the team was speeding up their loading speed to improve the user experience on their site. To do all of this, the obvious solution was to FIX THEIR STORE SPEED

How Met

After diagnosing the root of their problems to be their slow website, the team began searching for the best specialized Shopify speed optimization agency. It was important for a leading brand like theirs to hire the best talents in the market to properly maintain their most important asset; their Shopify store. 

A representative saw the video from Andrew from on the importance of the loading speed and, after deep research, decided to get in touch with an representative.

Following a consultation, and Angie from EcomExperts, their dedicated account manager, partnered to make their website the fastest Shopify Plus Store in the market.

It's really easy to work with headphones people as they are responsive when it comes to the things we need for the project, and they value customer service that much that even if they are dealing with other people, you'll feel how appreciative they are.


How Mobile Speed Score Went From 21 to 76 In 48 Hours

Once and Angie had agreed on the partnership terms, Farukh - one of EcomExperts senior developers, started speeding up the store.

The bulk of the speed killers were the scripts used on the page; EcomExperts team implemented sophisticated techniques of loading scripts that were injected by apps, content for header, and other non-critical scripts. had 52 Shopify apps installed, 23 of them not in use. Development team removed the apps that are not in use and cleaned up the code. 

Other optimization techniques used were:

  • inlining critical CSS,
  • preloading CSS and
  • deferring off-screen images.

The team also optimized other resources, like non-critical scripts, images, and videos. Our goal at EcomExperts was simply to make sure all critical assets are loaded as fast as possible to ensure site users get a world-class experience even on a poor quality network. 

Extraordinary professional! It has been an honor to work with some-one of caliber. They are deliberate with their goals and expectations. No worries once you have agreed on a gameplan and a course of action. I am humbled to have worked with some-one of such high integrity and so committed to their customers experience. A truly great client.



EcomExperts team did such a great job cleaning up stores, and in less than 48 hours, the store was optimized and ready to go live. PageSpeed on mobile went from 21 to 76 after the initial optimization: PageSpeed on desktop went from 52 to 94 after the initial optimization: success story is only one of many EcomExperts Shopify speed success stories; it is no surprise that we're the best speed optimization agency in the world. 

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We use clean lines of code in our Shopify speed optimization to ensure your store speeds up without cheating Google. We are highly experienced in Shopify speed optimization, servicing many Shopify and Shopify Plus stores. 

With EcomExperts on your side, you'll get your site speed up to 95+ in no time. 

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